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How to Find Discounted Airline Tickets

Finding discounted airline tickets can be frustrating and time consuming. Whether you’re searching for plane tickets 6 months ahead of time or just 6 weeks, there are plenty of tips and tricks to use in order to score airline tickets on the market at your ideal price.

One of the basic ways to find the discounted airline tickets is to first check and compare one-way tickets to your desired destination. Pricing usually varies depending on the day you book as well as your day of departure. Statistically, airlines discount their flights happening that week on Sunday and Tuesday. Every so often, the lowest discount price can be seen on Saturday night as well.

Check Often For Discounted Airline Tickets

It is important to be constantly checking prices throughout the day, as they may fluctuate by the hour as well. Flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday may also show drastic discounted prices. You are able to set airfare alerts directly on an airlines website or on Google Flights, which will notify you via email when prices have increased or decreased for the specific destination you have chosen. In addition to traveling at a certain time during the week, it is statistically known that traveling in a particular region’s slow season often results in cheap flights and accommodations.

We'll share our tips on how to find discounted airline tickets

Another option is to look for a bundle deal. Many websites such as FlightVillage, Travelocity and Priceline offer discount value packages that include your flight, hotel and rental car at a reduced cost. Always look for the best price guaranteed. If constantly searching for a perfect flight seems like a hassle, it may be smart to contact a travel agency. Travel associates often have access to seats that do not show up on the airlines’ website or even third party sites. If you can’t seem to find a flight in your price range, don’t assume they aren’t available.

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Use A Flight Search Engine to Find Discounted Airline Tickets

Another resource to check out is JetRradar. It is one of the largest online search engines for flights domestically and internationally. Using JetRadar, you’ll be able to instantly compare airfares from over 700 airlines making it easy to find discounted airline tickets.

If you’re not necessarily looking for discounted airline tickets, but want some hot tips on booking travel online, check out our blog on that particular topic. Looking for more travel tips? FlightVillage has you covered!

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